How to make blueberry muffins from scratch with an all-purpose flour recipe

I have always wanted to make a blueberry quiche. 

 And now I have! 

 This recipe is inspired by a blueberries muffin from the 1950s, but with a whole lot of modern ingredients. 

This is my first recipe from The Baker’s Daughter cookbook, and the original recipe is one of the best in the book, as is the version I made with all-natural flour. 

In the end, it is delicious and easy to make, but you’ll need a lot of flour to make it. 

For that reason, I made this recipe in an All-Purpose Flour, which you can buy at the supermarket for around £5. 

You’ll need some sort of flour or flour mix, as well as some other ingredients, and I did not include any of the things I could not find at the time, such as a flour bag or a bag of dried yeast. 

To get the right consistency, you will need to work quickly with this recipe. 

I have found that the easiest way to make this recipe is to cut the recipe in half, then slice into three-quarters of the size and cut into quarters. 

(Don’t worry if you are using a knife, I didn’t do any of that, just because I am not a big knife person. 

But if you prefer a cutting board, feel free to use a regular, but thicker, cutting board.) 

For the blueberries, I cut them in half and made the muffins. 

The blueberries are a great source of antioxidants that can help protect the brain and other tissues, so I did the best I could to make sure the muffin did not absorb the extra energy of the blueberry jam. 

If you are worried about the blue berries absorbing the jam, just take a pinch of them and shake them before eating. 

And if you want to make the muffINS, you can add a little more blueberries in there to get the perfect consistency. 

As always, feel the pinch and shake the blue fruit, then add the flour and the rest of the ingredients in the recipe.

If you are not a fan of whole grain flour, you could also try making a muffin with whole wheat flour.

If you want a more traditional blueberry recipe, try using a whole-wheat bread. 

Here is the recipe I used for my blueberry and almond muffins:1 cup all-malt flour, sifted2 tbsp blueberries1 tsp baking powder1 tsp ground cinnamon1 tsp vanilla extract (I used this vanilla extract from the package of Eggman’s Bakery)1/4 cup coconut flour (use your choice of whole or refined coconut)1 tbsp butter, melted1/2 tsp pure maple syrup1/8 tsp vanilla  (optional)1 egg (or a mix of two eggs and one egg yolk)In a large bowl, mix together the flour, blueberries and baking powder. 

Mix in the cinnamon, vanilla and maple syrup. 

Divide the mixture into three equal portions. 

Spread the mixture evenly over the muffini. 

Dip each muffin in the egg mixture and sprinkle with a little extra coconut flour.

Bake at 350 degrees for about 25-30 minutes. 

Cool completely before slicing. 

Ingredients for 2 muffins (serves 1): 1 cup whole wheat bread1 cup almond flour1 tsp maple syrup2 tsp vanilla (optional, or to taste)2 eggs (or 2 eggs yolks)1 tsp cinnamon (or to taste)*You could use all-whey bread or all-sugar free bread, if you like, but this recipe was delicious. 

*This is a great option for those who don’t like whole grain bread.1 cup coconut milk (or almond milk)1 cup butter1/3 cup powdered sugar1/6 cup brown sugar1 tsp pure vanilla extract1/16 tsp salt (or as needed)1-2 tbsp all-spice powder (optional or to flavour)2 tsp ground cumin (or more to taste, depending on your spice)2-3 tbsp allspice flakes (optional for seasoning)Directions:1.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.2.

Mix together the almond flour, maple syrup and vanilla. 

Add the eggs, cinnamon and vanilla and mix well. 

Stir in the coconut flour, butter and vanilla until well combined. 

Take the muffina out of the oven and spread it out in a single layer in a greased 9×13 inch baking pan. 

Bake for 15-20 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. 

Once the muffis are cool, slice them in the muffing pan into bite-sized pieces. 

Make the blue raspberry sauce:1/5 cup coconut water1