‘We need to rethink’ Brexit, Trump vows in speech

In an address to the U.K. parliament on Thursday, Prime Minister Theresa May said Britain must find a “fair and equitable solution” to Brexit, in the wake of a Brexit vote that has seen the country exit the European Union.

The prime minister has been in office since June and has said she intends to remain in office.

She has promised a “comprehensive and independent” review of the Brexit process.

“We will continue to look at the best way forward, but there is a lot of work to be done, including the work of the independent Brexit committee and the independent trade committee, so that we can get the best deal for the U.”

May added that she expects the government to publish a report by the end of the year, and that the country will hold a referendum on the final Brexit deal.

The speech came as the government announced a major investment in new buildings for the Queen Elizabeth II Centre and Buckingham Palace, and promised a new national museum to celebrate Britain’s Queen Elizabeth’s legacy.

In addition, the prime minister announced that the first woman to serve as a judge of the Supreme Court will be appointed to the post.

The government also announced a £3.5 billion investment in the National Broadband Network, which will help improve broadband access across the country.

May’s speech was also an address for Britain to celebrate the Queen’s birthday, which begins Monday.

“Today, we are marking the Queen and her life’s work in a way that will not only bring new hope and joy to the UK, but also to millions of people across the world,” May said.

“She was the most celebrated and respected British leader in centuries, and we owe her a great debt of gratitude for her extraordinary achievements and her legacy.”

She noted that the Queen “taught us that we are a country of freedom, equality and opportunity.”

May said that the government is “making the right decisions to bring our country together again” as a result of the referendum result.

The UK is the only EU member state that is not a member of the EU’s single market.

However, Britain’s relationship with the bloc remains strained.

In recent months, the U in the form of the British pound and the euro has taken a beating as investors look for a better deal.

May and other members of the Conservative government have also called for the country to retain the right to choose its own foreign and security policy.

May also said that she would support Britain’s continued membership of the European Economic Area, a trade pact that allows the UK to trade freely with other EU countries.

How to make pizza dough recipe with macaron

You can make this macaron recipe with your favorite macaron recipes using the same recipe as the ones below.

The recipe uses only 1 tbsp of flour.

You can also make this recipe using a bread crust.


Make sure you have enough flour to make the dough 3 tablespoons of water 1 cup of bread flour 1 tablespoon of yeast 1 tablespoon salt 1/2 cup of butter 1 cup milk 1/4 cup sugar 1 egg 1 cup vegetable oil (optional) 1.

Wash the flour and add it to a small saucepan.


Add the water, yeast and salt to a medium bowl.


Add 1 cup flour and mix with the mixer until the dough is smooth.


Add a little water if the dough doesn’t stick.


Mix the milk, sugar and egg with the dough.


Add about 1 cup water to the dough and mix well.


Form the dough into a ball and place it on a cookie sheet or parchment paper.


Roll out the dough, pressing down on the dough to form a round.


Bake in a preheated oven for about 15 minutes or until the edges of the dough have turned golden brown.


Allow the macaron to cool for 5 minutes before slicing. 11. Enjoy!